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NY Hotel Offers Babymoon Package for Expecting Moms

Apr 27, 2014
The W Hotels of New York have teamed up with pregnancy expert Julia Beck to offer expecting moms the ultimate Babymoon package. Available through October 31

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Snowsports change lives

This past weekend at Bolton Valley, VT I got to meet some dedicated volunteers from two terrific organizations who make snowsports part of kids' lives who otherwise would never get to the slopes and in the process, change their lives forever. more
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What can you do about those annoying baggage fees?

We used to just worry about whether the airlines would get our baggage from point A to point B. Now they're charging us--in some cases nearly as much as the flight ticket--to ferry it there more
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Greetings from Chile!

For the past week and a half I've been in Chile, experiencing a new part of the world with my husband Andy, daughters Reggie and Melanie and Reggie's boyfriend Dan Foldes. This has been a remarkably easy trip so far. We had a wonderful time touring quirky Valparaiso and cycling around some vineyards. We made it to a famous Penguin nesting habitat, even if we were there the wrong time of day to see thousands of Penguins, we saw plenty. more
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That's what my daughters told me this morning as I was stressing about our upcoming international flight to Chile. I wasn't worried about increased security in the wake of a foiled--thank goodness--terrorist who was on board at Northwest-Delta flight from Amsterdam. more
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Sometimes it's impossible to get my entire gang together between work and school schedules. I accept that and grab some fun with my three kids whenever I can, even if it means all five of us aren't all together at the same time. more
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Don't we wish! I was thinking about that this morning as I drove my husband to the airport because his elderly mom had been rushed to the hospital and was very seriously ill. Luckily, I was able to get him a free flight. If not, it would have cost nearly $1,000 for a round trip ticket from New York to Chicago (and never mind change fees since he doesn't know when he returns.) That's what you get for trying to buy a ticket instantly. more
Eileen's Blog, Getting There | comments


I know when the new baby comes to visit it's tempting to put your grandchild in the same crib you used as a new parent. DON'T! more
Eileen's Blog | comments


I just got back from two entirely different kinds of destinations that are winners for entirely different kinds of families. more
Eileen's Blog | comments

It pays to ask

I've been saying for months that in this economy, we should ask for what else the hotel/resort/ cruiseline can do for us--a better room, resort credits, free food. But until last week, I hadn't thought about that in the context of a family emergency. I found myself handling flights and hotels for family converging in Illinois after my 90-year-old mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital and then died. more
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The Ships Just Keep Getting Bigger!

As Royal Caribbean gets ready to unveil Oasis later this month, which--for the time being anyway--will be the world's largest cruise ship, Disney Cruise Line unveiled some magic of its own appropriately named Fantasy. more
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