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NY Hotel Offers Babymoon Package for Expecting Moms

Apr 27, 2014
The W Hotels of New York have teamed up with pregnancy expert Julia Beck to offer expecting moms the ultimate Babymoon package. Available through October 31

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Learning about wildlife and photography in the Arctic Ocean

A polar bear sighting (we’ll see 16 before the week is out), a whale (two enormous blue whales swam and played right by the ship), sea birds (imagine thousands nesting on high cliffs) or walrus (60 of the huge creatures weighing a ton or more lolling right in front of us on a beach) are all reason enough jump out of bed, bolt from lunch, forgo a shower or get off the ship’s treadmill. It’s why the 145 guests have paid thousands of dollars and traveled thousands of miles to cruise through ice. more
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History and adventure abound at Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills

So where can you see the guy with the 20-foot long nose? Here’s a hint: Conceived as a tourist gimmick and celebrating its 70th birthday, it’s recognized around the world as a symbol of the United States and democracy. The answer, of course, is Mount Rushmore, which literally will give the kids an in-your-face history lesson they won’t forget. more
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Want an old-fashioned family vacation? Think Maine

Maine is ideal for an old-fashioned family vacation with plenty of modern touches. Indulge your young foodies at Portland restaurants ( www.visitportland.com) or shop till you drop in Freeport, home of L.L. Bean and more than 200 retail outlets. Eat blueberry pancakes (the season starts in mid-July). Head out on an old-fashioned schooner for a few days, like we did one summer aboard the Isaac H. Evans, where we ate our fill of fresh lobster on a deserted island, or explore Acadia National Park and hike some of the famous Appalachian Trail. more
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Kayaking at the Top of the World — last day aboard the Explorer

We are in bright yellow inflatable kayaks steering with foot pedals (I feel kind of like I’m on bumper cars cruising around the fjord, the ship in the distance, crew watching us from zodiacs. As safety is always a concern here, we are given signalers to wear around our neck—should we tip over. But the kayaks are steady and the water so calm. It is only 32 degrees but with the sun shining, it feels much warmer. more
Cruises & All-Inclusive, Families & Groups, Parks & Outdoors, Travel Diary, Travel Topics, Volunteer & Service | 1 Comment

The Arctic Desert holds many surprises — including Walruses

This is called Arctic Desert, the man with the rifle—naturalist and geologist Jason Kelley tells us. While hiking in the land of the polar bears, our guides always carry rifles. We stop to look at huge whale bones that date back to the 18th Century and tiny fossils of crinoids stems (they look like flowers) that are 180 million years old. Then we see the Walrus. more
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A chat with Richard Louv on the benefits of being outdoors

Louv’s work has stimulated an international conversation about the relationship between nature and children. His new book has just been named to Oprah’s summer reading list He as the chairman and co-founder of the Children and Nature Network, and hopes to inspire the many parents and grandparents on board to realize how important it is to get kids engaged with nature on trips like this as well as at home. more
Cruises & All-Inclusive, Destinations, Families & Groups, Parks & Outdoors, Travel Diary, Travel Topics, Volunteer & Service | 9 Comments

Spotting all kinds of wildlife in the waters and ice around Svalbard

It’s drizzly and cold but no one on the deck is moving—not when a bear and her cub can be seen on the ice in the distance --and much closer through the scope, binoculars or the long camera lens they’ve got. We’re the guests here so we speak in whispers so as not to disturb the bears. more
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Searching for polar bears in the water and ice

We're 950 miles from the North Pole. While some of the crew and naturalists scan the horizon—all we see is blue sky and floating ice of all different sizes and shapes—the captain explains that as much as 30 feet of the ice bergs are below water... This ship, of course, is built especially to handle ice. “Potentially any floe can have bears,” he says. more
Cruises & All-Inclusive, Destinations, Families & Groups, Parks & Outdoors, Travel Diary, Travel Topics | 8 Comments

Living life in the slow lane on Amelia Island, Florida

Though we’re just a 30-minute drive from Jacksonville International Airport, and plenty of nonstop flights from major cities like New York and Atlanta, we might as well be on another planet with long, deserted beaches, lots of wildlife and clear, warm water. It feels more like the South, though, than South Florida, with canopies of trees and locals who seem happy to live life in the slow lane. more
Beach Vacations, Destinations, Families & Groups, Lodging, Travel Topics, Weekly Column | 1 Comment

Learning how to shoot like a photo pro in the Arctic Ocean

Because of Lindblad’s partnership with National Geographic , there is now a new Expedition Photography Initiative, which means that there are certified photo instructors aboard all ships in the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic fleet who can help take our photography skills to the next level, from composition to proper exposure. There are special sessions for kids too. more
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