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NY Hotel Offers Babymoon Package for Expecting Moms

Apr 27, 2014
The W Hotels of New York have teamed up with pregnancy expert Julia Beck to offer expecting moms the ultimate Babymoon package. Available through October 31

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When the best-laid travel plans go awry

For us, that meant enjoying a quiet “staycation” after Christmas instead of taking a much-anticipated diving trip to Grand Turk Island. Though our flight was scheduled two days after the Christmas blizzard that crippled the East Coast, we thought we were good to go and left our house that morning boarding passes in hand. But in the hour it took us to get to JFK our flight was canceled and we couldn’t get another for several days. Work schedules dictated we cancel the trip. more
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Adventures by Disney Takes to the Seas

Disney’s unique, guided, land-based tours successfully offer families the chance to explore far-flung destinations from Italy to Africa to Yellowstone National Park with itineraries that de-stress the experience for parents while offering activities guaranteed to please the kids. Now Adventures by Disney has brought the concept onboard some Disney cruises (www.disneycruise.com) in the Mediterranean and this coming summer, Alaska more
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Holidays for thousands derailed by the blizzard and the airlines

We were headed to the tiny island of Grand Turk and Bohio Resort www.bohioresort.com for some scuba diving. Turks and Caicos is known for their spectacular reefs and my daughter Mel had been diligently completing the required online course and hoped to join us as certified divers this trip. But I was celebrating too soon. Just before we arrived at JFK, I got a message from American Airlines that our flight had been cancelled. (Why we didn’t get the message four hours ahead, as we’d requested, I don’t know) more
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Flying Safely with Young Children

Parents wouldn’t think of driving anywhere without securely strapping their baby in an appropriate safety seat and spend countless hours considering which safety seat to buy. But on airplanes, it’s a different story. I just don’t get it. more
Families & Groups, Getting There, Travel Topics, Weekly Column | 2 Comments

On a tour of the Med with Adventures by Disney

My mission: To see if the Disney Cruise Line can do as good a job for teens as they do for younger kids. Can they make cities like Florence and Rome interesting to kids who prefer malls to museums? more
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RVing in Colorado

Finally, we’re off! The 32-foot Winnebago RV is stocked with every variety of food from Costco as well as toys, games, movies, pillows, sheets, towels, special “blankies,” and stuffed animals, along with two kids, 5 and 7, two parents and me. more
Families & Groups, Getting There, Parks & Outdoors, Travel Topics, Weekly Column | 6 Comments

RVing to Mesa Verde — the kids are fascinated

The kids are climbing up a 32 foot ladder, squeezing through a tunnel, walking in toe holds carved into the sandstone, learning all about archeology, Native American culture and ancient history as they go more
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RVing and camping — finding togetherness

Certainly tent camping was cheaper and many suggest that RVing is cheaper than other vacations but the Muellers aren’t so sure. That wasn’t why they did it anyway—it was a lifestyle thing, to get outdoors with the kids. more
Backyard Vacations, Destinations, Families & Groups, Getting There, Parks & Outdoors, Travel Diary, Travel Topics | comments

The joys of RVing — economical and fun!

The Garlands were dedicated RVers long before they bought the park. They still meet up at campgrounds with California friends they met when Mary was in a Mom’s group. Many of today’s campgrounds, she adds, give you the option to tent camp, bring an RV or stay in a cabin more
Backyard Vacations, Destinations, Families & Groups, Getting There, Parks & Outdoors, Travel Diary, Travel Topics | 1 Comment

On the road in a fabulous RV in Colorado

We’re OFF! A 32-foot RV stocked with food from Costco, toys, movies, two kids aged five and eight, two parents and me. The family is my cousins the SItzmans, who live in Denver. We’re off on a weeklong RV trip across Southwestern Colorado in a home away from home from Winnebago more
Backyard Vacations, Destinations, Families & Groups, Getting There, Parks & Outdoors, Travel Diary, Travel Topics | comments


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